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SF Tweed Rides Again! April 30th

Posted By on April 15, 2009

Reed Unsettled, by Rubin

Reed Unsettled, by Rubin

Get ready to toss your tweed caps in the air because SF Tweed Rides again!

April 30th Thursday Tweed Ride II

6:30pm — Gather at Union Square
7:00pm — Join with East Bay Tweed at Powell St. Station*
Ending — The Majestic Tosca Cafe!

Once again, we fine bastions of tweed bicivility will gather to show the city how to really ride in style! Fortunately, Spring is upon us, and the night has begun to be pushed back by the day. As such, the sun shall still grace our ride, giving all passersby a chance to bask in our grand tweediness!

Our last ride was a joyful time with games, contests, and of course the sharpest dressed company a cyclist could ask for. What does this ride have in store your ask:

  • Will there be more jolly games? …But of course!
  • Will there be wonderful contests? …I’m glad you asked — contest details will be announced later. Stay tuned through our fair web site’s RSS feed, our Jaunty Mailer, or our twitter @sftweed
  • Will there be dapper chaps and smashing ladies? …You have to ask? Just look photos of all the dashing cyclists from the last tweed ride.


Corpus Callosum, post-industrial-folk-noir

Corpus Callosum, post-industrial-folk-noir

The route has been settled! We will be enjoying a fine ride around the city following the Embarcadero towards the Fisherman’s Wharf and then winding back to the majestic Tosca Cafe, with a secret location halftime performance by the fabulous musical stylings of Corpus Callosum!


Once again we will have contests! Along with the two old favorites Most Dapper Chap and Most Snappy Lass we have two fresh new categories:

  • Most Dashing Neckwear — open to both men and women of course; not open to winners of either of the above contests
  • Most Stylish Pairing of Habiliment & Steed — to properly win this contest you and your two wheels must work together to create a more fashionable (or strange) whole.

We also have a lovely new SF Tweed Ride flyer which I will be passing out at Critical Mass this evening. If any people would care to help pass out flyers please let me know. It’s fun and a great way to meet people!

SF Tweed Ride, April 30th

SF Tweed Ride, April 30th

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Be sure to sign up for the Jaunty Mailer to stay abreast of future Tweed Rides and all things Tweedy!

* The earliest BART that allows bicycles from southern East Bay arrives at Powell St. Station at 6:39pm and the earliest train from northern East Bay arrives at Powell at 6:57pm. Also note that BART has an unfortunate bias against Penny Farthings.

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  2. Inspired by your noble event, “British Bicycle of Chicago” will host the “1st Annual Winston’s Tweed Ride” on Saturday, 2 May 2009. The 10 mile route will take the ladies & gents past and into some of Chicago’s infamous speakeasies. The day commemorates the 80th Anniversary of Winston Churchill’s invention of his exquisitely dry martini: gin poured over crushed ice with the vermouth observed from across the room!

    More info here: http://tinyurl.com/cngtcy

  3. [...]  SFTweed blog, self-described “Tweedpunk” Colin Fahrion has announced that the Second San Francisco Tweed Ride will take place this coming Thursday, April 30th. Once again, we fine bastions of tweed bicivility [...]

  4. Sam says:

    Thanks for putting the site together, posting pictures of the past ride to inspire people to come on this one and for bringing a great tradition across the sea. Good work old boy! Looking forward to the ride this week. porkchop

  5. [...] San Francisco Tweed rides again! VA:F [1.1.7_509]please wait…Rating: 0.0/5 (0 votes cast) This article was found on Cyclelicious. Click here to visit the full article on the original website.SF Tweed Ride II, 6:30 PM at Union Square with a East Bay Tweed meetup at Powell Street Station. Deets here. [...]

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  8. MurielOK says:

    This is one natty website. Themed to the extreme. Enjoy the ride.

  9. Our fellow nutters on the Left Coast!

    The 1st Annual Winston's Tweed Ride was a fine success indeed. 40 lads & lassies enjoyed themselves immensely in the speakeasies of Chicago!

    Pics here: http://donsorsa.smugmug.com/gallery/8082919_FyxVA

    And here: http://letsgorideabike.wordpress.com/2009/05/03/c

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  11. Harlan Insko says:

    I’m loving these posts, keep ‘em coming! bye :-)

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