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East Bay Tweed Ride! June 4th

Posted By on May 12, 2009

We are pleased to announce the first East Bay Tweed Ride — or eastTweed as the snappy eastTweeds are calling it! Our previous Tweed Rides had quite the showing of charming lads and lasses from the eastern side of the San Francisco Bay, and we sincerely hope to meet more dapper eastTweeds!

East Bay Tweed Ride, June 4th (photo by Bryan Kiechle)

East Bay Tweed Ride, June 4th (photo by Bryan Kiechle)

East Bay Tweed Ride, June 4th

6:30 pm – Sally Forth from Mosswood Park in Oakland

7:00 pm – Meetup with SF Tweed at MacArthur BART

End Point – Trappist, Belgian & Specialty Beer Bar

It of course goes without saying that there will be the most dashing of cyclists. As in past rides, we have more fun and games up our sleeves which shall be announced as we get closer to the date. I am certain that it will be a grand old time!

Whether you live here or there, I sincerely hope you do join us as we explore the wonders of the East Bay — in Tweed!

East Tweed Contests!

  • Most Graceful Mount & Dismount
  • Most Heartly Man-to-Man Salutation — Elimination Challenge*
  • Most Charming Woman-to-Woman Greeting — Elimination Challenge*

* During the Greeting and Salutation contests two people will step forward and greet each other like they both now each other but haven’t seen one another for a while. For an example of this I recommend watching this Peter Cook and Dudley Moore sketch from Beyond the Fridge. Both the Greeting and Salutation contests are elimination challenges which means the lesser greeter gets kicked off and a new challenger steps forward.


    Tea Pot Bell

    B.Spoke TailorThe winner of the Most Graceful Mount & Dismount will receive a lovely Tea Pot Bell donated by Josie Pokiedot. The winners of the Salutation/Greeting contests will receive a special prize from  Nan Eastep, of B.Spoke Tailer.


    The East Bay Tweed Ride is being organized by the lovely and talented eastTweeds: Morley Roarly, Josie Pokiedot, and Nan Eastep, of B.Spoke Tailer. We at SF Tweed are ever grateful that these fine lasses have stepped forward to help make the first East Bay Tweed Ride an adventure to remember!

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    1. Hi thought you might be interested in this link


    2. sarajane says:

      hi! last nite was awesome! do i….. post pics to the sf tweed flickr group or should there be an oakland tweed flickr group?? i’m all for keeping bay area tweed 2gether in my own personal opinion.


    3. Colin says:

      Please add any EastTweed pictures to the same SFTweed pool so that they are also shown on the site here. Also, tag your photos both sftweed and easttweed.

      Cheers! And thanks for snaping photos during the ride!

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