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It’s 2010 And Tweed Is In The Air!

Posted By on March 12, 2010

Save the date, Saturday, Mar 27th, 2pm for SF Tweed returns! This time with EasTweed ride starting near the North Berkeley BART station at Deleware and Sacramento at the
Ohlone Park
. Stay tuned for more details!

It’s been a while since the last SF Tweed ride—but we sure ended last year with a bang didn’t we with the SF Tweed Olympics! I’m looking forward to the fine tweediness that 2010 will bring.

Seattle Tweed Ride (photo by ericshalit / www.tubulocity.com)

Seattle Tweed Ride (photo by ericshalit / www.tubulocity.com)

In fact, it does seem that we here in the dapper Bay Area have already been shown up by a number of cities across the country. This past February has seen most excellent Tweed Rides in both Seattle and Vancouver! Riding Pretty has an excellent writeup on both of the rides: February Tweed Rides – Seattle, Vancouver, and more. Also find out more at Seattle Tweed.

The fine folks of Sacramento Tweed had their very own Sacramento New Year’s Day Tweed Ride. And most excitingly already have their second Sacramento Tweed Ride planned for March 28th! I’m sure the dapper will be turned to 11 as most recently, the most talented designer Nan Eastep from B.Spoke Tailor was in Sacramento for a fabulous tweed tailoring event at Hot Italian. Eco Velo has a great writeup with photos from the Pizza & Tweed event.

Tweed Ride PDX by Kit Crenshaw

Tweed Ride PDX by Kit Crenshaw

Also back in January, Portland had their 1st Annual Portland Tweed Ride. I highly recommend you hoist your eyes upon the lovely photos from the PDX Tweed Ride. Also check out the video from the PDX ride!

More Tweed Rides are also upcoming around the world:

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  1. RidingPretty says:

    Colin, Thanks for mentioning “The Tweed Report ” and the February write up.
    Hope this next SF Ride is the BEST!