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Greetings Fellow Tweed Lovers!

Posted By on April 9, 2009

Intersection Diplomat Saves the Day! by Dustin J

Intersection Diplomat Saves the Day! by Dustin J

Hello dashing lads and snappy lasses of tweed!

Since the last SF Tweed Ride was such a smashing success, we have decided to not only plan another ride but start one of these new fangled… I think they call them Tube-Logs? Anyway, SF Tweed’s main goal will be to help spread all that is Tweed!

The SF Tweed Tube-Log will also promote Tweed Cycling events around the world and will also promote more pedestrian Tweedy events right here in the San Francisco Bay Area — such as the fabulous Prim Queer Tea. We have a number of guest writers lined up to share their expertise on:

  • Vintage cycloculture
  • Tips on proper tweed habiliments for both lads and lasses
  • Reviews on various tea and biscuit combinations
  • Showcasing of innovative tweedy bicycle contraptions (Any inventors out there with a design for a bicycle tea cup holder?)
  • Exposé on the ne’er-do-well tweedpunk movement
  • And so much more!

And of course, we be announcing the next eagerly anticipated SF Tweed Ride on this very site!

More information on the next SF Tweed Ride will be forthcoming within the next few days so follow SF Tweed via your RSS feed reader or follow us on twitter @sftweed!

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