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SF Tweed Summer Ride 2012

Posted By on July 12, 2012

SF Tweed Summer Ride 2012, July 28th

Don your best caps and hats! It’s the SF Tweed Summer Ride!

Our Summer Ride contest will be for best limerick about hats and bicycles (or helmets).  Remember presentation counts! Prizes sponsored by Goorin Bros. Hat Shop!

SF Tweed Summer Ride 2012
Saturday July 28th

1pm — Sally Forth from Justin Herman Plaza.
5pm-ish — pop-in at North Beach Goorin Bros. for drinks and revelry!

UPDATE: The wonderful and talented McPuzo & Trotsky have offered to play for at Saturday’s Tweed Ride! Hip hip hooray!

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Comments: 4 Responses to “SF Tweed Summer Ride 2012”

  1. Kevin O'Hare says:

    Is there a planed route for the ride ?

  2. Colin says:

    @Kevin O’Hare – We don’t post the route as we prefer it to be a bit of a surprise

  3. Oh dear! Yet again our schedules are out of sorts. The wonderful Katherine the Great and I shall be taking a mini-Honeymoon that weekend on a small island in the Bay. Hopefully we can join you at the next outing!


    Dr. Professor Samuel Tweed
    (aka Spaceman Sam)

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