Dressed in dapper wool through the streets of San Francisco

2015 Post SF Tweed Ride

Posted By on April 6, 2016

This years ride went from Patricia’s Green through Downtown San Francisco. We stopped near the San Francisco Ferry Building, with a tour of the SF Railway Museum along the scenic Pier 14 around the Stadium, through the Mission ending at The Homestead. Photographs enroute done by the exceptionally talented Pamela Palma Photography and a photobooth set up inside by Jon Cross
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San Francisco Tweed 2015

Posted By on April 6, 2016


Short ride with a lot of style. SF Tweed November 15, 2015 Starting at Patricias Green in Hayes Valley at 11am. San Francisco’s take on the London traditional Tweed Run. Bike ride in traditional cycling attire, not limited to tweed wool . Any bicycle is acceptable, vintage bicycles are heartily encouraged.

Rivendell comes to the Mission!

Posted By on May 28, 2013

Grant Petersen of the excellent bike store Rivendell Bicycle Works is opening a pop-up in the SF Mission District June 1-9, 3 blocks from the 24th & Mission BART Station! Open daily noon to 7pm.

Rivendell Bicycle Works SF

June 1st through 9th
12pm – 7pm
3156 24th Street San Francisco, CA 94110 ‎
3 blocks away from the 24th & Mission BART station
More info at the Rivendell Bicycle Works Tumblr

Quotes from Grant Petersen, Rivendell founder and owner:

What prompted Rivendell to open a pop-up in the Mission District?
We now have several tattoo’d staffers, and thought ‘Hey! they’d be perfect for a pop-up.’ John found it, talked to Dave; I’m just going along.

What can people expect to experience when they, visit the 24th Street location in early June?
Bikes, bags, hatchets that you can’t try out, clothing. Posters on the walls. We may get a lug mobile together by then. Background music (Swedish jazz). I’d like to have a fashion show, but….no access to models.

Think RBW might open something permanent in SF?
Probably not right away, but we’re looking into an Alamo store, and if that isn’t a money pit, if we can work out some bugs in it, we’d look at other locations. The tough part is staffing it. We don’t want regular people.

RBW poster

Such a Lovely Bicycle Wedding!

Posted By on June 13, 2012


What an absolutely splendid bicycle wedding! Such fashionable class and style too! We at SFTweed congratulate the lovely couple Mel & Greg on their lovely ceremony!

Found via SFist - Painfully cute bicycle wedding.

Tweed Bicycle Ingenuity Contest

Posted By on May 22, 2009

Epitome of Tweed Cyclery (photo by puck.ananta)

photo by puck.ananta

Nothing tickles me more than a man or woman with a flair for Do-It-Yourself ingenuity! Especially when this cleverness pertains to transforming the everyday bicycle into something extraordinary! This could be some as simple and practical as an umbrella attachment or more inventive…

Crafty Tweed Cyclery

On our last SF Tweed Ride, the dashing and talented Lanky Joe transformed his two wheeled steed into the epitome of Tweed Cycling by elegantly wrapping his bars and seat in tweed fabric. The tweed was crafted from an actual tweed jacket and in a jolt of creative genius he used the jacket pockets as miniature panniers. Then with the remaining he crafted matching fingerless gloves.

Obviously with this much fine workmanship Lanky Joe won hands down the contest for Most Stylish Pairing of Habiliment & Steed!

Amazing DIY Bicycle Accessorizing

Bicycle for the Transient Gardener, crafted by FriendOfHumanity

Bicycle Garden Box, crafted by FriendOfHumanity

One of the most genius bicycle adaptions I have have laid my eyes on in ages is the Bicycle Window Box. What could be more refreshing then pedaling along with your very own green garden on your handlebars. Grow strawberries for a refreshing treat or grow fresh herbs to make every ride minty fresh. And it really is perfect for hosting your own a mobile garden party!

You can build your very own mobile garden by following the Bicycle Window Box guide on the Instructables site.

There are more numerous amazing guides to ingenious bicycle adaptions on the Bikes section of Instructables. From a turn signal cycling jacket to how to build a bamboo bicycle to building your own fancy flower pattern twisted spoke wheels.

All this brings me to an announcement for our first online contest…

The SF Tweed Bicycle Ingenuity Contest

In celebration of the upcoming Maker Faire, we are pleased to announce the first SF Tweed online contest. For this contest we implore all you clever tweed cyclists to create a either a crafty bicycle adornment or amazing bicycle accessory akin to the examples shown above.

The Rules:

  • Your creation must be specifically bicycle related
  • Your creation must be appropriately tweedy/vintage/dapper (for ideas see below)
  • Your creation must have been made by you
  • Your creation can be something made specifically for this contest or can be something made recently (however it must have been built no earlier than April of this year)
  • Contestant must submit photos of themselves with their Creation to dapper (at) sftweed (dot) com
  • Contestant must also create a How To Build guide. This How To can either appear on Instructables.com or as a video on Vimeo/YouTube/etc.
  • Contest is open to anyone in the world (however, international winners must pay for shipping & handling for any prizes won)
  • Entrees must be submitted no later than Thursday June 25th 11:59pm
  • Entrees will be judged on ingenuity, craftmanship, and the presentation of the how to guide.

Examples of Tweedy Ingenuity

Feel free to use any of the following ideas or run with your own bit of cleverness

  • Tweed Wheel Covers
  • Bicycle Bag made from a Tweed Jacket
  • Tea Cup & Saucer Bicycle Holder (and teapot holder?)
  • Portable Fancy Wooden Mini Bar (cabinets and fold out bar top?)
  • Traveling Seamstress Stand (for making knickers on the fly)
  • Side By Side Tandem Bike (way more proper then staring at your tandem partner’s behind)

The Grand Prize!

Minnehaha Canvas Shoulder Bag

Minnehaha Canvas Shoulder Bag

A fabulous Canvas Shoulder Bag donated graciously by the Minnehaha Bag Co..

A simple canvas shoulder bag for commuting, running errands or as a basic briefcase. Cotton fabric is breathable for better comfort than synthetic messenger bags. The bag holds 15 liters worth of belongings with two small hanging inner pockets and key clip. It is built sturdy with leather reinforcements, a buckle system, and a lightly padded back and bottom to give some support and comfort while keeping a soft overall structure that conforms to the body.

There will also be runners up prizes to be announced at a later date.

International winners must pay for shipping & handling.

Vélo Vogue Bike to Work Photo Contest

Posted By on May 8, 2009

Those snazzy cycling fashionistas at Vélo Vogue have announced a Bike to Work Photo contest! While we at SF Tweed have a certain bias towards a particular fashion style, Vélo Vogue is more open: they have no shame in casting an eye — or two — on any stylish cyclist.

We at Vélo Vogue are very curious to see what our readers are wearing as they get on their bikes and head to the office, school, wherever you’re going. Each week, we’ll post our favorites. At the end of the month, we’ll ask our readers to take a poll to vote for their favorite cycle fashionista (American Idol style). Our winner will be treated to a défilé down Valencia to a taqueria of his/her choice, where s/he will treated to burrito and beer. Because cycling en vogue is global, this challenge is no way limited to San Franciscans! It simply means that if you’re our winner, you’ll have to travel for that burrito. ;-)

Sound enticing? Then don’t hesitate! Get dressed, hop on your bike and send us your pics at velovogue[at]gmail[dot]com or post them to our Vélo Vogue flickr group!

Tweed Fashionistas

Posted By on April 16, 2009

Rapha Cycling Jacket

Rapha Cycling Jacket

For those unaffected by the economic downturn I present to you the Rapha bespoke three-piece cycling suit! As mentioned by BikeRadar:

The garment is the result of a year’s work with Savile Row tailor Timothy Everest, and is designed to be at home “on the bike and in the boardroom”.

Bike-friendly features include the front flaps of the jacket, which turn back and button under the pocket so they don’t flap when riding and, along with the underside of the collar and sleeves, are pink for visibility.

For additional reach on the bike the jacket has a stretchy ‘action back’ and the cuffs turn down, making the sleeves longer.

This fine suit will only set you back a mere  £3,000. To match your suit I suggest adding a Rapha tweed cycling cap — though to be frank I find Rocket Fuel’s wool & leather cycling caps much more stylish.

Frugal Dapper Style

Dapper Chap, by ms.matik

Dapper Chap, by ms.matik

Of course, as we all know, you don’t have to be rich to dress in style. One can cut quite a stunning tweed look without hemorrhaging your wallet.

If you are in the market for tweed I recommend venturing into the Mission — specifically Community Thrift, Thrift Town, and Mission Thrift. If you don’t find exactly what you need there then head up the wiggle into the Haight: Held Over should have exactly what you need as they have an entire rack of fine Harris Tweed! There are of course other fine vintage shops on the Haight including Decades of Fashion and La Rosa.

For those of the DIY persuasion there is tons of potential in reconstructing your own tweed cycling fashion! Please let us know about your ventures into DIY tweed fashion as we’d love to showcase our dashing tweed brothers and sisters on SF Tweed!