Dressed in dapper wool through the streets of San Francisco

San Francisco Tweed 2015

Posted By on April 6, 2016


Short ride with a lot of style. SF Tweed November 15, 2015 Starting at Patricias Green in Hayes Valley at 11am. San Francisco’s take on the London traditional Tweed Run. Bike ride in traditional cycling attire, not limited to tweed wool . Any bicycle is acceptable, vintage bicycles are heartily encouraged.

San Francisco Tweed Ride November 16

Posted By on November 6, 2014

RSVP for the next San Francisco Tweed Ride!


San Francisco Tweed Ride

Put on your most dapper tweed, grab a bicycle, and join the merriment at this one-of-a-kind bicycle event. The San Francisco Tweed Ride rolls again! The new edition of this venerable bicycle institution is organized by Melissa of Bike Pretty.

It’s a sartorial celebration–by bike–for riders of different ages, types, and skill levels to enjoy. Don your most dapper woolens. Ride with the most dashing dames and dandies as we tour San Francisco in fine, two-wheeled style.

The ride is fun and safe with stops to socialize along the way. We follow a planned (secret) route and endeavor to be courteous to our more pedestrian fellows. Of utmost importance is to spread the good cheer of the Tweed Ride.

Tell your friends and bring your family and other loved ones. RSVP here so we know how much tea to brew.  Or comment below and be counted.

Contests for:
Best Mustache
Best Dressed
And more

What to bring:
Tea Cup
Picnic blanket (optional)
Lights, layers, locks (just in case)

Before the final stop, we’ll take a short detour to Iladora Apparel‘s SOMA studio for an early afternoon libation and a special photo op to capture what we know will be the most dashing tweed bike style we’ve ever seen.

We end at a capacious public house where we can all raise a pint to our newfound camaraderie.

Sponsored by:
PUBLIC Bikes are designed to put a smile on your face and make you feel like a kid again. We have retail stores at 549 Hayes in San Francisco and 205 Alice Street in Oakland.

Iladora Apparel 

Ligne 8 is a new apparel lifestyle brand for the urban cycling commuter who wants to cycle to and fro, without worrying about the weather, style or appearances. We are looking forward to hosting a tea break and previewing our new Fall 2014 Collection which includes a few tweed styles inspired by Tweed Runs around the globe.
Purity Organic
Relic Vintage

San Francisco Tweed Ride Autumn 2014

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Dear Friends,

It has been quite some time since we have all gathered for an airing of our favorite woolens. Please join us on Sunday, November 16 at Patricia’s Green in Hayes Valley.

Reserve your spot and RSVP here. (We’d like to know how much tea to brew up.)

We will have contests, prizes, refreshment stops, and more. Like SF Tweed on Facebook for updates.

Things are a little bit different this time around. This ride is being organized by Melissa Davies, founder of Bike Pretty, and on-line store featuring stylish bicycle accessories. Colin and Rubin graciously handed the reins over to Melissa. The tradition continues.

Watch this space!

East Bay Western Tweed Ride Sept 15th!

Posted By on September 6, 2013

East Bay Tweed Ride Sept 15th!


Date: September 15, 2013 – 1:30pm – 6:00pm

Start: Fruitvale BART Station

End: Linden Street Brewery



Join the EBBC and B. Spoke Tailor  on Sunday September 15th for a western-style Tweed Ride. Tweed rides are a celebration of bicycles, social pleasure riding, the Golden Era of the Bicycle, wool and English tailoring. Check this page or the B. Spoke Tailor Facebook fan page for route information and updates.

The Fashion: By the time English riding style made it to California it was, well, westernized!  Bikes arrived here not long after tailored clothes.  All of our shirts, pants, jackets and shirts can be traced back to English tailoring, and we have been spinning it to our liking every since.  Dust off your vintage bike, and don your best interpretation of turn of the last century California western bicycle costume.  Finally, wear what you will.  No one scorned for lack of costume!

Some History: In January 2009, London hosted a group bike ride that was originally called the Tweed Ride.  The beautiful images of that ride went viral and a form of street theater was born. SF was quick on the draw and hosted the first Bay Area Tweed Ride in February 2009.
Advice: The first half of the route – Fruitvale BART/Alameda – was mapped especially for families. Bring a water bottle. Pack a picnic.  And remember, “Don’t squat with your spurs on!”
The Route:
We’ll be leaving from Fruitvale BART station and ending at Linden Street Brewery. Our first stop is at Alameda City Hall, where ALLONEWORD will be featuring some of her fantastic, handmade, custom cycling caps. Then we will head over to Lake Merritt before showing off our styles through downtown Oakland on our way to Linden Street.
Linden Street will be hosting their monthly Chop Bar pig roast (!!) with live music and delicious local brews.
Win great prizes for the best in these categories:
  • Best English Tailoring
  • Most Creative Outlaw Costume
  • Best Facial Hair
  • Best Period Hat (western, cycling, pork pie, floppy, etc)
  • Best Bike
  • Most Genteel Insult
  • Best Children’s Outfit
For inspiration search for old west, wild west, western outlaw, tweed ride, tweed run, and visit SFTweed.com.

Support the Sour Mash Hug Band!

Posted By on June 3, 2013

I want to help promote a great local Bay Area band that is right up all our Tweed alley. The “Sour Mash Hug Band” who made old-timey Americana folk music. I’ve actually been wanting to book them as part of our ride for a while.

They have a Kickstarter right now to make their new album and they are so so so close! They only have 3 days to go and I encourage y’all to support local music and old-timey music by help this wonderful local band make their goal!

Sour Mash Hug Band New Album Kickstarter

Sour Mash Hug Band “Devil’s Howdown”

Sour Mash Hug Band (Reverb Nation page)

Sour Mash Hug Band (Facebook page)

Boogie your Tweed Ass on!

Rivendell comes to the Mission!

Posted By on May 28, 2013

Grant Petersen of the excellent bike store Rivendell Bicycle Works is opening a pop-up in the SF Mission District June 1-9, 3 blocks from the 24th & Mission BART Station! Open daily noon to 7pm.

Rivendell Bicycle Works SF

June 1st through 9th
12pm – 7pm
3156 24th Street San Francisco, CA 94110 ‎
3 blocks away from the 24th & Mission BART station
More info at the Rivendell Bicycle Works Tumblr

Quotes from Grant Petersen, Rivendell founder and owner:

What prompted Rivendell to open a pop-up in the Mission District?
We now have several tattoo’d staffers, and thought ‘Hey! they’d be perfect for a pop-up.’ John found it, talked to Dave; I’m just going along.

What can people expect to experience when they, visit the 24th Street location in early June?
Bikes, bags, hatchets that you can’t try out, clothing. Posters on the walls. We may get a lug mobile together by then. Background music (Swedish jazz). I’d like to have a fashion show, but….no access to models.

Think RBW might open something permanent in SF?
Probably not right away, but we’re looking into an Alamo store, and if that isn’t a money pit, if we can work out some bugs in it, we’d look at other locations. The tough part is staffing it. We don’t want regular people.

RBW poster

East Bay Tweed Ride — Sunday, May 26, 2013

Posted By on May 18, 2013


East Bay Tweed Ride!

Sunday, May 26rd, 2013

1pm at the Pillars, Lake Merritt

hosted by B. Spoke Tailor

Facebook Event


Who: Everyone who loves cycling, merriment, having fun, old-timey tweed outfits, and dancing to old-timey music

Where: Beginning at the Pillars at Lake Merritt, 577 Grand Ave, Oakland, CA and ending at B.Spoke Tailor, 989 40th St, Oakland, California

When: We will be gathering at 1:00 PM and rolling-out at 2:00 PM on May 26th, 2013.

Why: Bicycles are awesome, cyclists are awesome, Tweed is awesome, and the three are

What (we’re doing):  We’ll be cycling to UC Berkeley with a stop at a Pub on the way. We’ll go up Telegraph (once we get near downtown), and stop on the campus to dance and socialize. Afterwards we’ll go back down Telegraph and end up at B.Spoke Tailor for beer and music; there will be a live band or two.


The Two Man Gentleman Band, Live July 28th

Posted By on July 25, 2012

Just have to take a moment to promote the overwhelmingly classy Two Man Gentleman Band to all our classy readers. They are playing live this Sunday the 29th at Amnesia Bar in SF and well worth the $10.

Here they are playing their classic song William Howard Taft…

Of caps and helmets

Posted By on July 17, 2012

Rubin, photo by Morleyroarly

Rubin, photo by Morleyroarly

I thought I’d take a moment to talk about bike safety and helmet use. This topic has come up a few times and I thought it was time to address it for a number of reasons. Reason #1 being that Rubin Starset one of the main organizers, and my good friend, was sadly recently hurt in a bicycle accident — one in which his helmet definitely saved his noggin from potentially serious head injury.

As evidenced by the jolly Tweed Ride photos, many tweed riders choose to cycle sporting fancy hats rather than helmets during our rides. The tweed rides are safer than normal urban riding seeing that we cruise at tweed speed and are protected from traffic by riding in a group. However, this is of course is not a guarantee of safety.

Personally, I am a stickler for wearing a helmet and advocating helmet use whenever I ride — except during the Tweed Ride*. This may be bit hypocritical but I feel that encouraging cycling is better than discouraging cycling by laws or rules enforcing mandatory helmet use. Bike safety is more than about helmet use. Some studies have shown that fatalities decrease the more cyclists there are on the road so encouraging more cycling is important. Also, oddly “countries with the most helmeted cyclists also have the highest rate of cycling head injuries.” (sources: Bicycle Safe, Cycle Helmet). All this said, wearing a helmet is certainly better than not wearing a helmet, and I am a strong advocate for bicycle helmets — I am also a strong advocate for haberdashery and I often bring a fancy hat along that I don immediately at my destination.

Whether you yourself choose to wear a helmet during the tweed ride is up to you — protecting your smarts certainly the smarter thing to do. I nor anyone else will look upon you as uncouth for wearing a helmet rather than wearing a snappy cap during the tweed ride, nor will anyone chastise you for being unsafe for not wearing a helmet. If you want to be both fashionable and safe Yakkay makes great dapper helmet covers, or better yet make your own style’n helmet cover!

* This is all of course only the opinion of myself, Colin. The other main organizer Rubin most likely has his own opinion on the matter of helmet use.

SF Tweed Summer Ride 2012

Posted By on July 12, 2012

SF Tweed Summer Ride 2012, July 28th

Don your best caps and hats! It’s the SF Tweed Summer Ride!

Our Summer Ride contest will be for best limerick about hats and bicycles (or helmets).  Remember presentation counts! Prizes sponsored by Goorin Bros. Hat Shop!

SF Tweed Summer Ride 2012
Saturday July 28th

1pm — Sally Forth from Justin Herman Plaza.
5pm-ish — pop-in at North Beach Goorin Bros. for drinks and revelry!

UPDATE: The wonderful and talented McPuzo & Trotsky have offered to play for at Saturday’s Tweed Ride! Hip hip hooray!