Dressed in dapper wool through the streets of San Francisco

Such a Lovely Bicycle Wedding!

Posted By on June 13, 2012


What an absolutely splendid bicycle wedding! Such fashionable class and style too! We at SFTweed congratulate the lovely couple Mel & Greg on their lovely ceremony!

Found via SFist - Painfully cute bicycle wedding.

Last Minute Tweed Ride

Posted By on May 29, 2012

Hey Tweedsters! It’s been a while since we took to our steeds. So come and join us this Sunday starting at noon at Justin Herman Plaza as we tour the city in style! We will be heading towards the Valencia to join the wonderful Sunday Streets festivities!

First Tweed in Ages
Sunday June 3rd, noon
Justin Herman Plaza, near Embarcadero BART station in San Francisco

I know this is last minute but we want to ride! We have more full fledged at Tweed Rides both in SF and East Bay later this summer, but don’t let that stop you from coming to this one.

East Bay Spring Ride 2011

Posted By on April 22, 2011

East Bay Spring Ride 2011

Spring is upon us! It’s time to ride through our fine Bay Area in the finest duds!

Come join your fellow tweedsters Sunday May 1st at 2pm for a lovely ride in the East Bay.

East Bay Spring Ride 2011

May 1st, 2pm
Jack London Square, Oakland

At 2pm we sally forth from Heinhold’s First & Last Chance in Jack London Square, Oakland.

Midway stop in Preservation Park for games and contests!

Ending with quality ales at a fine Oakland pub (location to be announced).

Facebook invite.

Contests and prizes sponsored by B. Spoke Tailor!

B. Spoke Tailor

Photo in flyer is copyright Gordon MacKenzie

SF Tweed Autumn Ride, Oct 17th

Posted By on October 6, 2010

I know it’s been a while since our last ride and you all likely have your knickers in a bunch. Well the wait is over! The unbearable heat of summer has finally left us. Autumn is here so it is time to take that tweed out of mothballs, set that dapper cap upon your fair head, and straddle your two wheeled steed for the…

SF Tweed Autumn Ride Oct 17th 2010

SF Tweed Autumn Ride!

Sunday Oct 17th, 2010

2:00 pm ~ Convene at Justin Hermin Plaza in San Francisco.

2:15 pm ~ Sally Forth!

3:00 pm or so ~ Refuel with some fine libations (Our midpoint stop will include an option for those underage or those more interested in partaking in tea rather than ale or spirits)

5:00 pm or so ~ Jovial shindig at Rickshaw Bagworks with the musical stylings of McPuzo & Trotsky!

As always the ride will sport your fellow dashing riders!

Rickshaw Bagworks

Ending Festivities & Contest Hosted By Rickshaw Bagworks

The ending festivities and contest is sponsored by the San Francisco based Rickshaw Bagworks, makers of fine stylish bags — including their quite dapper tweed messenger bags! Rickshaw Bagworks is a supporter of the SF Bicycle Coalition and makes their bags right here in San Francisco. The SF Tweed Autumn Ride festivities will be hosted at the Rickshaw Bagworks location on 904 22nd Street, San Francisco, CA.

McPuzo & Trotsky

McPuzo & Trotsky

The Musical Stylings of McPuzo & Trotsky

During the festivities, the fabulous McPuzo & Trotsky have agreed to entertain the tweed brethren! This local Bay Area banjo and fiddle pair have been writing fine Songs which Satirize and Amuse since 1917. Before that it was pretty much all crowbars and playing with leeches.

original photo used in the flyer by Gordon Mackenzie

Another successful ride!

Posted By on March 29, 2010

East Bay Tweed Riders photo by flickrawwwr

East Bay Tweed Riders photo by flickrawwwr

Last Saturday was a beautiful day for a ride! The sun was out and citizens of Berkeley all waved graciously as the East Bay Tweed Ride traversed the streets in style. The marvelous Corpus Callosum once again played for us, but this time they actually played while we rode! Thanks to the ingenuity of Rubin Starset, each member of the band was pulled along the route with their instruments either in a trailer or on the back of a tandem. It was quite the feat and I thank the band and every bicyclist who wore out their legs towing a musician to make it happen!

Cesar Chavez Park, with it’s amazing view of the bay, turned out to be just the spot for a picnic and concert. We also had a contest for the most graceful mount and dismount of their steed with prizes graciously donated by Nan Eastep of B. Spoke Tailor. Nan donated two wonderful recycled tweed tube top covers and a lovely pair of tweed fingerless gloves. Local to the Bay Area, B. Spoke Tailor is well known for their fitted and fashionable bicycle wear and I encourage everyone to follow them on B. Spoke Tailor facebook page and come to one of their fittings.

We ended our day at the Albatross Pub, Berkeley’s Oldest Pub, which was the perfect spot to wind down after the fun filled day. Who can argue with a pint of beer, darts, popcorn and such well dressed company.

The SF Tweed photo pool has been filling up with some wonderful photos from the ride. We have also due to popular request created a SF Tweed Facebook Fan Page.

But really don’t take our word for it. Listen to Joe P., one of our most dedicated and dashing riders who sent us this lovely letter…

Joe P. dashing as always, by Greg Hefner

Joe P. dashing as always, by Greg Hefner

What a Wonderful Ride That Was!

I had a wonderful time! It was so good to see old friends as well as all the riders from SF make it over to Berkeley, starting not one mile from my house. The seaside was beautiful in the warm afternoon, bridges and sailboats in the distance. And the rolling musicians of Corpus Callosum were the perfect touch (The toy piano was especially charming). Waltzing to the band mere feet from the palisades below at the end of our great promenade could not be topped but only by a visit to the Albatross pub with the most stellar company.

Ah, so far away it seems when looking back from the rain filled morning presently; I say let the rains come and have their time, that we may have ours come April!

Joe P.

Thank you for the letter Joe. It is always such a pleasure to see your smiling face on the rides!

Till next time tweeders, Cheers!

p.s. Our next ride will be in San Francisco and should be in late April. Stay tuned through either this website (rss), our Jaunty Mailer, Twitter, or Facebook

East Bay Tweed Spring Ride, March 27th

Posted By on March 20, 2010

East Bay Tweed Spring Ride, March 27th 2010

East Bay Tweed Spring Ride

March 27th, 2 pm

2 pm — Sally forth from Ohlone Park (near North Berkeley Bart)

Midpoint — Cesar Chavez Park (games, contests, and a special performance)

End (5-6 pmish) — Albatross Pub (libations & darts!)

[facebook event page]

Spring is the air and the rain has let up, so it’s time to dust off your smoking pipes and take your tweed out of mothballs! Put that dapper cap on your head, oil your chain, and get ready to pedal with panache!

Join us for the first SF Tweed Ride of 2010, this ride will take place in the lovely town of Berkeley, CA. The ride will be anywhere from 6-8 miles with a break midway through. We have plenty of enjoyment planned for you all including games, contests, and a special performance by the wondrous Corpus Callosum! As always, the tweed ride will end at an establishment that offers libations and cheer.

Photo of the J.D. as the fabulous Twettle, the Tweed Beetle by the excellent photographer juicyrai

Update: We will be flyering the Critical Mass on Friday Mar 26th. If you’d like to help you can print your own flyers to hand out: East Bay Spring Tweed Ride March Flyer-6up [pdf]

It’s 2010 And Tweed Is In The Air!

Posted By on March 12, 2010

Save the date, Saturday, Mar 27th, 2pm for SF Tweed returns! This time with EasTweed ride starting near the North Berkeley BART station at Deleware and Sacramento at the
Ohlone Park
. Stay tuned for more details!

It’s been a while since the last SF Tweed ride—but we sure ended last year with a bang didn’t we with the SF Tweed Olympics! I’m looking forward to the fine tweediness that 2010 will bring.

Seattle Tweed Ride (photo by ericshalit / www.tubulocity.com)

Seattle Tweed Ride (photo by ericshalit / www.tubulocity.com)

In fact, it does seem that we here in the dapper Bay Area have already been shown up by a number of cities across the country. This past February has seen most excellent Tweed Rides in both Seattle and Vancouver! Riding Pretty has an excellent writeup on both of the rides: February Tweed Rides – Seattle, Vancouver, and more. Also find out more at Seattle Tweed.

The fine folks of Sacramento Tweed had their very own Sacramento New Year’s Day Tweed Ride. And most excitingly already have their second Sacramento Tweed Ride planned for March 28th! I’m sure the dapper will be turned to 11 as most recently, the most talented designer Nan Eastep from B.Spoke Tailor was in Sacramento for a fabulous tweed tailoring event at Hot Italian. Eco Velo has a great writeup with photos from the Pizza & Tweed event.

Tweed Ride PDX by Kit Crenshaw

Tweed Ride PDX by Kit Crenshaw

Also back in January, Portland had their 1st Annual Portland Tweed Ride. I highly recommend you hoist your eyes upon the lovely photos from the PDX Tweed Ride. Also check out the video from the PDX ride!

More Tweed Rides are also upcoming around the world:

Oh my what did they do to that bicycle!

Posted By on February 21, 2010

Last evening a few of us ventured to the Roxie to see a film about bicycles. Fine volunteers for the SFBC were on hand to valet our bicycles as we went into the theater. Before I continue let me first say that the Roxie is a fine establishment, and I don’t know who tricked them into letting this depraved film be shown. The film we went to see Bike Porn 3: Cycle Bound presented by the people of Bike Smut.

One would think any film with the word bike in the title would be innocent. But no the lot who crafted this moving picture are beyond immoral! I’ve never seen so many bicycles and bicyclists so tied up and violated! People ridden like bicycles and bicycles ridden like people!

My friends and I were so shocked by it all that we must have been overcome by paralysis—that is the only excuse I can offer why we did not run from such a debauched assault of our senses.

The film is playing one last time in the East Bay, 9pm tonight at the Roll Up Bike Shop in Oakland. The price is $8, and is of course a 21+ event. I urge all decent people to stay away for you may walk away never looking at a set of handlebars the same way again!

For those who doubt me what follows is the trailer for this movie. I warn you ladies and gentlemen, the trailer is nearly as explicit as the movie.

Washington DC Tweed Ride

Posted By on November 17, 2009

A group of over 200 dandy lads and lasses participated in the first Washington DC Tweed Ride this past Monday. They even took a spin around the dashing White House. Photo credits to Cycle Jerk for this amazing photograph of tweed and capitol building.


Posted By on October 26, 2009

Oh my! What dapper rapping! We must bring to your attention the amazing MC skills of Mr.B The Gentleman Rhymer… Thirty years of hip-hop history. In five minutes. On the banjolele.

More Mr. B Gentlemen Rhymer ~ “Straight out of Surrey”

More Mr. B Gentlemen Rhymer ~ “Let Me Smoke My Pipe”

If you like this I also recommend the amazing Teacore rappers Elemental.