Dressed in dapper wool through the streets of San Francisco

San Francisco Tweed Ride November 16

Posted By on November 6, 2014

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San Francisco Tweed Ride

Put on your most dapper tweed, grab a bicycle, and join the merriment at this one-of-a-kind bicycle event. The San Francisco Tweed Ride rolls again! The new edition of this venerable bicycle institution is organized by Melissa of Bike Pretty.

It’s a sartorial celebration–by bike–for riders of different ages, types, and skill levels to enjoy. Don your most dapper woolens. Ride with the most dashing dames and dandies as we tour San Francisco in fine, two-wheeled style.

The ride is fun and safe with stops to socialize along the way. We follow a planned (secret) route and endeavor to be courteous to our more pedestrian fellows. Of utmost importance is to spread the good cheer of the Tweed Ride.

Tell your friends and bring your family and other loved ones. RSVP here so we know how much tea to brew.  Or comment below and be counted.

Contests for:
Best Mustache
Best Dressed
And more

What to bring:
Tea Cup
Picnic blanket (optional)
Lights, layers, locks (just in case)

Before the final stop, we’ll take a short detour to Iladora Apparel‘s SOMA studio for an early afternoon libation and a special photo op to capture what we know will be the most dashing tweed bike style we’ve ever seen.

We end at a capacious public house where we can all raise a pint to our newfound camaraderie.

Sponsored by:
PUBLIC Bikes are designed to put a smile on your face and make you feel like a kid again. We have retail stores at 549 Hayes in San Francisco and 205 Alice Street in Oakland.

Iladora Apparel 

Ligne 8 is a new apparel lifestyle brand for the urban cycling commuter who wants to cycle to and fro, without worrying about the weather, style or appearances. We are looking forward to hosting a tea break and previewing our new Fall 2014 Collection which includes a few tweed styles inspired by Tweed Runs around the globe.
Purity Organic
Relic Vintage

Vélo Vogue Bike to Work Photo Contest

Posted By on May 8, 2009

Those snazzy cycling fashionistas at Vélo Vogue have announced a Bike to Work Photo contest! While we at SF Tweed have a certain bias towards a particular fashion style, Vélo Vogue is more open: they have no shame in casting an eye — or two — on any stylish cyclist.

We at Vélo Vogue are very curious to see what our readers are wearing as they get on their bikes and head to the office, school, wherever you’re going. Each week, we’ll post our favorites. At the end of the month, we’ll ask our readers to take a poll to vote for their favorite cycle fashionista (American Idol style). Our winner will be treated to a défilé down Valencia to a taqueria of his/her choice, where s/he will treated to burrito and beer. Because cycling en vogue is global, this challenge is no way limited to San Franciscans! It simply means that if you’re our winner, you’ll have to travel for that burrito. ;-)

Sound enticing? Then don’t hesitate! Get dressed, hop on your bike and send us your pics at velovogue[at]gmail[dot]com or post them to our Vélo Vogue flickr group!

Hazzah! San Francisco Feels the Tweed!

Posted By on May 1, 2009

The second SF Tweed Ride was a rip roaring success!

I am still overwhelmed by how warm and wonderous the entire evening was. Dashing cyclists waving cheerio to all passersby as we rolled down Market and along the Embarcadero.

SF Tweed Riders roll, photo by Audrey Penven

SF Tweed Riders roll, spin, and twhirl photo by Audrey Penven

And nothing can compare to the magical feeling of seeing Corpus Callosum play at the end of the Maritime Park Pier as dusk settled around us and the San Francisco skyline began light up.

Corpus Callosum play on the Maritime Pier, video by Colin Fahrion

Once again, we ended our ride at the lovely Tosca Cafe, who warmed us up with their delicious hot choco and brandy.

Lanky Joe and Nifer high on Tweed, photo by Audrey Penven

Lanky Joe and Nifer high on Tweed, photo by Audrey Penven

Sheila Moon, photo by neiltron

Sheila Moon, photo by neiltron

The chaps were dapper and the lasses snappy, with the most dashing awarded by the gracious and talented Sheila Moon, who donated several chic — and amazingly comfywool cycling caps.

Thanks Sheila for sponsoring the SF Tweed contest! I must say it was a pleasure to have you along for the ride, and I’m more than happy to promote your made in San Francisco quality cycle fashion — truly any cyclist would be doing themselves a favor by casting an eye on SheilaMoon.com!

What’s next?

We already have plans ruminating for our next tweed outings: an East Bay Tweed Ride, a Sunday Tweed Picnic (most dapper kidlet contest!), and more! So sign up for the Jaunty Mailer and follow @sftweed on twitter

Also keep an eye on the SF Tweed website for more tweed highlights. Over the next coming days, we will be showcasing some of the amazing tweed cyclists, photographers, artists, and more. We also have an eye out for guest writers, so if you have any tweed and/or cycling expertise you’d like to share please contact us.


Tweed Fashionistas

Posted By on April 16, 2009

Rapha Cycling Jacket

Rapha Cycling Jacket

For those unaffected by the economic downturn I present to you the Rapha bespoke three-piece cycling suit! As mentioned by BikeRadar:

The garment is the result of a year’s work with Savile Row tailor Timothy Everest, and is designed to be at home “on the bike and in the boardroom”.

Bike-friendly features include the front flaps of the jacket, which turn back and button under the pocket so they don’t flap when riding and, along with the underside of the collar and sleeves, are pink for visibility.

For additional reach on the bike the jacket has a stretchy ‘action back’ and the cuffs turn down, making the sleeves longer.

This fine suit will only set you back a mere  £3,000. To match your suit I suggest adding a Rapha tweed cycling cap — though to be frank I find Rocket Fuel’s wool & leather cycling caps much more stylish.

Frugal Dapper Style

Dapper Chap, by ms.matik

Dapper Chap, by ms.matik

Of course, as we all know, you don’t have to be rich to dress in style. One can cut quite a stunning tweed look without hemorrhaging your wallet.

If you are in the market for tweed I recommend venturing into the Mission — specifically Community Thrift, Thrift Town, and Mission Thrift. If you don’t find exactly what you need there then head up the wiggle into the Haight: Held Over should have exactly what you need as they have an entire rack of fine Harris Tweed! There are of course other fine vintage shops on the Haight including Decades of Fashion and La Rosa.

For those of the DIY persuasion there is tons of potential in reconstructing your own tweed cycling fashion! Please let us know about your ventures into DIY tweed fashion as we’d love to showcase our dashing tweed brothers and sisters on SF Tweed!